April 15 e-mail from professors

Martha Minow to section1 09


Dear Students in Section 1:

Given the exchange of e mails sent to the whole section during the past week, it looks like it could be helpful to meet outside of class for a fuller discussion of what may be on any of your minds. We offer ourselves as resource people for this discussion, and suggest meeting Tuesday April 17 at 9 a.m. (place to be announced) in hopes that there are no conflicts for you then. We’re mindful that this is also Ames week. Not only does that mean that evenings are not a good time to get together, it may also mean that you’d prefer to wait and meet the following week. Please email Dawn Warner dwarner@law.harvard.edu:  1) if you think you would like to come and 2) to indicate whether Tuesday April 17 at 9 works or a time the following week would be better. Also, although Dean Kagan surely would be willing to meet with any of you, but we assume that she will want to know whether there has been discussion face to face among people in the section and with your professors, and thus we wonder whether those who want to meet with her may want to wait until we all get a chance to talk together.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Martha Minow


Phil Heymann


Catherine Sharkey


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