April 14 e-mail 3 from Naomi Reed


Naomi Reed to section1 09, minow, csharkey, heymann

From: Naomi Reed [nreed@law.harvard.edu]
Sent: 4/14/2007 8:30:39 AM

To:  section1 09@hlssun1.law.harvard.edu; minow@law.harvard.edu; csharkey@law.harvard.edu; heymann@law.harvard.edu

Subject: Re: Invitation (BYOB)

Good Morning Section 1!

With my ear to the railroad tracks, I’ve heard the rumblings: people like the letter, hate the letter, don’t know what to think about the letter.

The letter to me is about dialogue, about creating the institutitutional spaces for dialogue to happen, and that is, at the most fundamental level, why I signed it. And because my mother raised me to follow my words up with action, I extend an invitation to all of you, along the lines of my previous email, to begin that dialogue right now, to provide one way for anyone who feels silenced to be heard. Here is how you can contact me, and you *should* contact me if you want to talk (about the letter, about the weather, about how cute my dog is, etc.). I am completely serious. Seriously.

My Address: [address omitted from web post]  Come on by!

My Phone: (917) [phone number omitted from web post]  Ring me up!

My Email: nreed@law.harvard.edu. Send me a note!

My AIM Address: NaomiReedOne. Start up a chat!

So, if you hated the letter and want to talk about why you disagree with it, get in touch. If you liked the substance of the letter but had some problems with its language, get in touch (the letter is not inviolate: Microsoft Word will, in fact, let us make changes to it, so don’t be shy). If you loved the letter and want to sign on to it, actually you should email Laura (ldellatorre@law…), but email me anyway just to say hi.

It would be lovely to talk to all of you, and to answer and ask hard questions, and to be better because of it.



Naomi C. Reed
2009 JD Candidate
Harvard Law School


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